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After having been a film critic for DVDrama (TF1), I am now dividing my time between  film directing, executive producing, and teaching. Through writing and directing films, managing film shoots, transmitting knowledge and developing digital content for companies, I maintain my singular appetite for the cinema industry. 

I have now developped a solid network of collaborators (artists, technicians, equipment leasers, institutions...) enabling audiovisual productions to be carried out in the best conditions. In association with this network of professionals, "Lot of Films Productions" proposes to take charge of your projects and to guarantee an ideal working comfort to the teams while strictly adhering to your  budget.

My goal is to create an atmosphere of trust amongst all collaborators, in order for each one to be satisfied with the overall management of the project. To achieve this, LOFP naturally makes its skills and equipment available to you, while being ready to exchange on the different possibilities for collaboration.


We propose to foster new projects into being by combining know-how to pleasure in film productions.

Raphaël Neira

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